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How To Avoid Blocked Drains?

Drainage is possibly that one system which gets the least attention from owners. We just do not care about this system that there is nothing that can create problem. But to tell the truth, drainage and plumbing system can create too much problem if ignored.

The drainage system receives many items that are not made for them. Eventually, the drains get clogged. Only then we do get concerned about this system and call plumbing services. A clogged drain will not only cause into slow flow, but can also cause leakage in the pipes. This is a problem with which no one wants to deal with. So, it is better to take proper care of the drainage system. It is better to avoid clogging rather than solving a problem.


I agree that trees are our best friend, but not to the plumbing system. Tree roots are strong enough to enter a pipe through the crack. They also have an extensive root system to reach the pipes easily. To avoid any problem never plant trees near the pipelines to avoid leakage and blocked drains Rocklea.

Plug screens:

Plug screens are the things that allow liquid to flow through it, but stop other materials. Using plug screens can help you in the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen, there is a huge chance that some food materials go into the sink. Once it get into the pipes, it may not be possible for the material to get properly cleared. Eventually, it will cause blockage. If this thing happens regularly, it will not take long to create a great problem with the drainage system. The plugs will stop these food items from getting into the pipelines. In case of bathroom, hair and other materials can get into the pipelines causing blockage. Plugs can help to keep your pipes clean.

Avoid oils and grease:

Oils and grease are products that are liquid and can be considered as suitable for the plumbing system. But to tell the truth, oils and grease are not easy to clean. These even get solid when cooled down and can easily clog the drain. It will be hard to clean this blockage. Rather you can freeze the oil or grease to bring in a proper shape and throw it in the trash. It will keep your drain clean enough to ensure a good flow of water.

Teach children:

You may not know what you child is putting into the sink. So, it is important to teach them about what they should do and what not. Making your family members aware is a great way to keep your drains clean.