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Overview To Physical Security Devices

The traditional physical security aspects serve in a wider scope than the currently favoured electronic security devices. The human contact somehow made it more personal and relatable, even with all that room for error the presence of a uniformed personal was reassuring .it felt good to know that there was somebody who could have not missed that you walked past the corridor five minutes ago and that if you shout at the top of your voice he can surely hear you.

The habit of electronic devices and its vast reach has i would say, even compelled households as well as places of business to place their respective premises under the observation of cctv cameras, alarm systems, intercoms and access control systems. In many and almost all circumstances the said security monitoring Gold Coast are susceptible to tampering and manipulation therefore is dependent on human assistance, if not supervision.

The heart of trusted home security cameras and even commercial security systems is a cctv camera system and according to the preference and requirement of the client there are many systems in varied price ranges available in the market. The most popular kind is referred to as a dome camera. It mimics the shape of an upside down dome. Its shape makes it impossible for anybody to conclude as to which direction the camera is focused, therefore it leaves less room for foul play. As efficient as these new toys may sound let’s take a look at how it was done before the internet took over.

Crowd controllers

During any music show, convention or event that attracts large crowds it is hard to miss the huge macho types standing along the corridors or somewhere near the exists. Their main tasks comprise of assisting with door work, perimeter control or supervision.


These uniformed gentlemen make their rounds in parks meant for families in the vicinity of government and residences of high ranked officials etc. Just like crowd controllers their objective is to maintain the peace and orderly conduct of a certain location.

Body guards

In addition to the patrols in their residences and place of work, high ranked officials, politicians. Popular entertainment icons and high profiled businessmen require a watchful eye looking over them not only because of the increased threats posed to their lives but also to help them maintain their personal space during public appearing, events etc.

Private investigators

Private investigators are most often called after a breach of security or to mitigate an ongoing infringement of security. It acts a damage controlling tool brought into minimize the extent of damage or in order to extract information on which point of the process the breach occurred.